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Mold Inspections and Removal

Water Damage Manhattan Beach

Mold Masters Inc is committed to our customers in Manhattan Beach and surrounding cities, and we take pride in being the best emergency water damage restoration service. We respond quickly and will arrive at your home in mere minutes to help salvage your personal belongings and minimize any water damage to your home or business.

We have over twenty years experience in water damage remediation and use only the best drying machines and equipment available. We stay abreast of the latest technologies and scientific advancements regarding effective water extraction and water damage restoration.

Water Damage Remediation

Water Damage Remediation

If you leave water damage alone then mold can grow and it can spread throughout your property, preventative measures are needed to make sure that mold can’t spread uncontrollably or develop further to becoming a potential health hazard.

Moisture control is the key to mold control. Molds need both food and water to survive. Since molds can digest most things, water is the factor that limits mold growth. Molds will often grow in damp or wet areas indoors. Common sites for indoor mold growth include bathroom tile, basement walls, areas around windows where moisture condenses, and near leaky water fountains or sinks.

Common sources or causes of water or moisture problems include flooding, roof leaks, backed-up sewers, shower/bath steam and leaks, and clothes dryers vented indoors. Uncontrolled humidity can also be a source of moisture leading to mold growth, particularly in hot, humid climates.

We also provide Fire Restoration, Environmental Services, Contents Restoration, Construction Services and Catastrophe Response.

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About Manhattan Beach:

The first downtown building was built by Merrill around 1901, a small frame building later used for city offices. The official date of incorporation was December 2, 1912. Planks were laid in the sand on Manhattan Avenue for vehicles and along the Strand and side streets for pedestrians

Assessed Value:  Manhattan Beach’s assessed valuation is $10.6 billion
Businesses:  The City of Manhattan Beach issues approximately 4,000 business licenses each year
Income:  According to the 2000 census the median household income for the City is $107,750

Reference: Manhattan Beach Website Facts and History