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Mold Inspections and Removal

Water Damage

At Mold Masters Inc we have a thorough process on making sure that we clean up water damage and take preventative measures to combat any future growth of mold.  Here is a list of the water damage initiative process we take, these may change according to your specific situation but these are the common steps that our trained technicians partake:

Assessment of Damage
Our professionals inspect the damaged area and determine the proper equipment required to address the problem. We assure that our customer receives the most cost effective recommendation.

Water Removal and Extraction
Our trained employees uses either a portable or truck-mounted water extracting equipment to completely get rid of the majority of the water from the affected area to ensure that future mold may not build up.

Anti-Microbial Application
Mold Masters Inc technicians apply an EPA-registered anti-microbial to water affected surfaces throughout the drying process in order to prevent future mold growth.

Drying and Dehumidification
We utilize a rapid drying fan evaporation process with portable dehumidification and desiccant drying equipment. The combined technology assures the safe and complete drying of the affected area.

We continuously monitor the drying and decontamination process, employing moisture content reading technologies that constantly measure changes to the water damaged materials.

Call us for any water or even fire damage emergency and we will deploy our professionals to help you.

Toll Free: 800-371-4199